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Nightline is open on Monday to Friday during term-time from 7pm until midnight for online chat!

If you need support during the times we are closed, please contact Samaritans freephone on 116 123 any day or time. 

Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by and for students of Glasgow, Strathclyde, and Caledonian Universities. We offer both information and support throughout the night from 7pm to 12am midnight, and we aim to be open Monday to Friday during term-time. 

You can contact us using our online chat for just about anything, whether you have a personal or academic worry that is affecting your life, a question about how to find your exam timetables, or simply a listening ear.



We provide our service according to six core Nightline principles


We will not ask you for any details about yourself and we do not disclose information about ourselves or other Nightline volunteers.


Anything you call about will be kept completely private within the organisation, with the exception of calls relating to acts of terrorism and in certain circumstances related to harm and safeguarding situations.


We treat every call and every caller the same, putting aside any personal opinions or prejudices. We accept you without judgement.


We will not tell you how to solve a problem or give you advice. We are there to listen and help callers in exploring their own emotions, situations and options. Callers decide what they want to talk about and we will give you a safe space to do this.


Nightline gives the caller space to make their own decision, and supports them in this rather than telling them what to do.


We strive to support callers and our fellow volunteers at all times.