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Service Update (09/01/23)

As of today, Glasgow Students' Nightline is now reopened for the semester. We are now additionally open on Sundays. 

You can contact us from Sunday to Friday 7pm - 12am for Instant Messaging & 7pm - 7am for phone lines. 

How To Contact Us For Support: Text
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Anonymous Instant Messaging Service

Sunday - Friday, 7pm - Midnight

Our Confidential and anonymous instant messaging service is here to listen every night of term. Nightline aims to provide you a free space to talk about anything that may be on your mind. 

Our trained volunteers are also anonymous, and are students at each of the universities we support. 

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Anonymous Phone Service

Sunday - Friday, 7pm - 7am

Glasgow Students' Nightline phone lines are open all through the evening every night of term. 

We offer emotional support and information upon request but do not give advice. We simply aim to provide a free space for you to get anything off your chest!

Phone: 0141 334 9516
How To Contact Us For Support: What We Do
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