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Volunteering with Glasgow Students' Nightline


Applications currently currently CLOSED

We rely first and foremost on the commitment of our student volunteers to keep the service running. We are a student-led organisation managed by a committee of volunteer officers. We are supported in our work by Glasgow SRC, Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association, and Strathclyde Students' Union, and by the national Nightline Association.

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What You Need to Know


Can anyone volunteer?

Any student at Glasgow, Strathclyde or Glasgow Caledonian Universities is eligible to apply to join Nightline so long as you are not in your final semester of study. Upon joining Nightline, we ask that volunteers are able to commit a minimum of two semesters with us. This is due to the period of in-depth training and probation involved in joining Nightline and the limited time available to complete the minimum required shifts for the year as a result.